Open Notebook Science is a concept coined by the late Jean-Claude Bradley to denote science where the experimental results are published real-time in an open lab notebook.

... there is a URL to a laboratory notebook that is freely available and indexed on common search engines. It does not necessarily have to look like a paper notebook but it is essential that all of the information available to the researchers to make their conclusions is equally available to the rest of the world

Jean-Claude Bradley

At ecLabNote, we find this idea very attractive, and we are therefor offering ecLabNote for free for any group who is willing to go fully open! In our version, that means that the experimental record is published with a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY), free for anyone to reuse as they see fit as long as the original author is acknowledged.

If you find this as attractive as we do, please contact us for further discussions at or why don't you head over to the already opened experiments.

It's also possible to only open up specific experiments to share with outside colleagues or just spread the word on your work!

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